About Alexander Artway

Who was Alexander  Artway?
By 1925 Alexander Andrew Artway emigrated from Russia and had become an American citizen living and working in Brooklyn. He eventually took a degree in Architecture from NYU.  After joining the Merchant Marines,  Artway traveled around the world twelve times rising to the rank of Captain. Artway was possessed by wanderlust.  He moved from Russia to Prague, Prague to Serbia, Marsailles to Paris to Brooklyn .... and his constant companion was his camera.

His keen eye is evident in his photographic studies of Coney Island, Grand Central Station, the Botanical Gardens, the Bronx Zoo, trains, planes, ships, and much more.

Artway made photographs of the streets of New York and its loftiest skyscrapers. His passion for architecture and his love of the world's greatest metropolis are all wrapped up together with a strong modernist sensibility typical of the  'between the wars' aesthetic.  Simply put, the images are classic.

In 2004 Artway's large photographic archive came to Gallery 1125 through Artway's daughter. The archive includes thousands of small contact prints and negatives - some with meticulous details written in the artist's hand, architectural plans, portraits of colleagues, family snapshots, and countless pieces of photographic ephemera all of which chronicle his life and the people and places dear to him.

As the Artway Project progresses toward gallery exhibition (September 23, 2011...) I will be posting more images from the collection, which will include more classic photographs from NY and his travels far and wide.

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