Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Artway Project Exhibition

On September 23rd we raised a glass of wine to Alexander Artway.  Gallery 1125 received well over 125 guests. Collectors, photography dealers, artists, poets and critics all enjoyed the 50 selected photographs that graced the walls. There were many compliments on the beauty of the contemporary silver prints and many guests went home with an Artway print to put on their walls.

The exhibition catalog, The Artway Project: The Photographic Work of Alexander Andrew Artway [1922-1939] is currently available, but the numbers are dwindling. The catalog is filled with 180 reproductions, as well as a great essay by Jeanette Artway Jimenez about her father. Stephen Perloff, editor of the PhotoReview and The Collector,  provides a foreword placing Artway's photographs in historical perspective comparing Artway's work to Atget, Sander, Kertesz, and other masters of photography.  

The exhibition will be up until January 14th, 2012.  If you missed opening night and would still like to see the show think about attending one of our three more intimate Saturday Salons: Programs will be announced shortly.

November 12th - 4pm till 8pm
December 10th - 1pm till 4pm
January 14th    - 1pm till 3pm 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the Saturday Salons or if you would like to see the work at any other time. Gallery 1125 will be open by appointment Friday thru Monday. 

For more information about Alexander Artway's work or to purchase the catalog or limited edition silver prints, call 267-207-5254, or email

See more of Gallery 1125 and Alexander Artway's photographs at

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  1. It was a perfect night Maria, thank you! Wonderful to see the project completed enough to showcase on the wall, and with enough curiosity to want to see more!